Back to the Future

Do you know the film "Back to the Future”? Flying skateboards, self-tie shoes, contactless game controllers, holograms and much more you can find there. In 1985 things like those were only an abstraction. Now we use some of them, especially devices like smartphones and big TVs. Our future is changing day by day thanks to the work of engineers and scientists who are still looking for new technological solutions to facilitate our lives. Although now we have 2016, technologies are still surprising us. Take a look at some recent technological developments.

Tesla Motors has been producing electrical cars since 2012. First such a car caused a stir among car fans as well as among ordinary users. Finally, it turned out that driving a car can be cheaper than before despite using the electricity. No one expected it to happen because most of society members associate electricity with very long cables and uncomfortable charging. Tesla, however, designed a car that could be recharged in just 40 minutes for about 400-500 km way! Amazing, isn’t it? I have one more trivia for you concerning this phenomenon. Tesla Motors is working on improving completely an autonomous car. It means that in about five years they will create a car that will be able to drive without any human activity needed. Apparently, these cars will be much safer than those driven by humans. Can a man give his life completely in the hands of soulless machines and computer programmes?

If anyone of you thought that the city of the future doesn’t exist, nothing could be further from the truth. For the eyes of the whole world, one of the richest cities in the world has just become one of such. We are talking about Dubai. Dubai police wants to be regarded worldwide as the most technologically advanced. The streets of this beautiful city will be patrolled by ... robocops! As for now, the plan is that they won’t take part in dangerous actions but their duty is to help the inhabitants. The police-robots will be equipped with touch screens and computers with access to the global network. This way everyone will be able to obtain the necessary information about the city, report the crime or even pay a fine. I am wondering what the policeman will do in such a situation. Protests incoming?

Sticking to the same subject related to robots. In Japan, they have recently created and shown the robots that…sweat. People fight with the sweat but it’s a necessary mechanism to cool down our organisms. The Japanese used this fact also to cool down robots' engines which helps them to work more effectively and there is no danger of overheat. Engineers have come up with the idea of sweating because they weren't able to put the other cooling system into such a slim skeleton of the robot. So, as they say – necessity is the mother of invention. A glass of water is enough if a robot doesn’t work very hard. With increased effort, the demand for the water increases as well. Partially permeable skeleton was created by means of the newest technologies – it was printed in the 3D printer. The world of the science hopes that it’s just the beginning and in the future there will be more similar solutions. So... we keep our fingers crossed.

Years ago no one even thought about air plane trips and today we conquer the space. The new mission ExoMars has just begun. It is aimed to look for any traces of life on the Red Planet. This is one of the most ambitious missions to conquer the space in the history. So far, the only one which landed on the Mars was "Schiaparelli EDM" and engineers have made a contact with the space probe TGO. Polish scientists are also involved in this amazing mission.

One more thing I can reveal to those who haven't heard about it yet is the fact that last year Nike company created self-tie sneakers inspired with the film "Back to the Future”. They've called it Nike Mag. The price of one pair in Hong Kong was about 104 thousand dollars! The money donated a foundation which supports Parkinson’s disease researches. The aim was worthy but the price is extremely high.

It's really interesting what the scientists will prepare for us in the next few years.